Benefits of Addressing Waste

According to the EPA

Until recently, you might not have paid much attention to the waste your organization produces. Many organizations are content simply to establish a system for removing trash. Increasingly, greater attention is being paid to waste management, and pro-active organizations are seeing the benefits of establishing a waste reduction program.

  • Save Money - increasing recycling can cut your disposal costs and improve your bottom line.
  • Knowledge is power - By understanding the amount and types of wastes your organization produces, you’re better positioned to find ways to reduce hauling costs and negotiate for waste and recycling services that actually fit your needs.
  • Streamline reporting and information sharing - Tracking your waste management activities in one platform and using a standard set of metrics, makes it easier to share and report information with stakeholders.
  • Enhance sustainability - Managing waste, water, and energy more efficiently are core components of sustainability. Improving your organization’s sustainability can boost your corporate image, attract quality tenants to your properties and positively engage employees.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions - Waste prevention and recycling offer significant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Conserve resources - Reuse and recycling conserves natural resources including trees, metals and water.

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

We can help

Food Waste Digesters

A Food Waste system is an aerobic biodigester that disposes of your waste food safely and cost effectively. At MCS we work with the leaders in the industry to bring you the best solutions for your food waste.

Vertical Balers

Are you manually breaking down boxes or does your current baling method take too long? A new vertical baler is fast and powerful. It also only requires a single person to operate in most cases limiting the number of man hours (or manpower) needed in its operation. By baling you can reduce your disposal costs. Additionally, vertical balers are designed with space in mind. Contact us to find the perfect location in your facility.


MCS has new and used compactors available, all with Professional Installation to meet your schedule! If new isn’t in the budget, we have remanufactured systems, onsite Repairs with 70 years of Industry Experience.

Compactors are Economical Solutions for Every Waste Stream.

Compactors save money by limiting the number of dumps your hauler makes to keep your waste stream clear. To maximize the benefits of compaction you need to have a system that provides the most weight you can put into a compaction container. From Apartment Compactors to Transfer Stations our experienced consultants are able to help you with your waste handling and recycling systems to fit the most effective method of handling your trash, recyclables, or other special materials.

Custom Fabrication

MCS offers in-house and portable welding services on most steel surfaces. Our techs are trained on the latest fire prevention techniques to ensure your people and property are safe. Our fabrication team at MCS can design and build your project. Contact us for any of your welding needs.


Waste Consulting is a Free Service.

Our experts with over 70 years of Industry experience at MCS Midwest will assist customers in selecting the right equipment and configuring systems that best meet their needs. We use a simple analysis and experience in the industry along with your garbage bills to determine if a compactor will be your best option. There is no cost for this service. Compaction equipment will almost always save money, but if not, our sales team will let you know. They are committed to sustainable solutions to making sure that everything is taken care of, from start to finish and into the future.