MCS Midwest is your one-stop shop for all of your container and compactor needs. MCS Midwest offers the following services: mobile container repair and painting for both small and large roll-off dumpsters, truck painting, shop painting, installation of new and refurbished compactors and balers, compactor and baler repair service, custom welding services, and much, much more.



Whether your needs are Grocery/Food Related, Retail, Property Management, Corporate, Waste Hauling or Manufacturing, MCS Midwest can handle your needs. With a full compliment of Container repair, Compaction equipment, Vertical Balers, Food Digestors, or Odor control, we have you covered.

Brand Partners

We work with the nation’s top manufactures for Compactor, Balers and Food Digestors! MCS also has refurbished equipment available. Our brands consist of Wilkinson Hi-Rise for all your chute needs and Glacier Ozone for odor issues. If you need it, we can get it!


Update your waste management equipment. We repair, service and sell new and rebuilt containers and compactors.

MCS Midwest performs all installations, rebuilds, and repairs. MCS not only sells new compactors and balers but also refurbished units with full warranty.

Equipment Rentals

For customers who are not yet ready to commit to the purchase of new equipment, a long-term or short-term rental may be the answer. These compactors are typically refurbished units. They are billed at a monthly rate and depending on your needs may include service at no additional cost. Our inventory of rental units is constantly changing so please contact us for more information.


The use of loaners is an option from MCS Midwest, LLC. These are units that we offer for short term replacement during refurbishment or while waiting to receive purchased equipment. When available they are a great alternative to open-top containers.

In Stock

Having a solution in stock when time is mission critical is no problem for MSC. We can cover your with a variety of solutions:

Used Equipment
We have a limited number of refurbished equipment in stock. Contact MCS and we can scan out network for that refurbished piece of equipment for your needs.

Refurbished Container
2yd Stationary with walk-on deck and right side hopper
Refurbished Container
3yd Stationary ready for your hopper configuration
Refurbished Container
2yd Stationary with left side hopper
Refurbished Container
Marathon RJ250Sc 34yd, new cylinders, rear fed doghouse with safety switch. Upgraded power unit with a PSI brand PLC.
Refurbished Container
Marathon RJ250SC 34 yd, rebuilt cylinders. Upgraded power unit with PSA brand PLC.
Refurbished Container
Marathon RJ100SC 30 yd unit has a new cylinder. Upgraded power unit with a PSI brand PLC

Air Purification System
Don’t like the smell???? Find out how the power of Glacier Ozone can change the entire atmosphere around your trash system. Glacier Ozone is Revolutionizing Industrial Odor Management!

Sustainable waste handling

From chute door hydraulics to pressure gauges, start stop buttons and everything in between having a local partner who can not only get the parts, but has the experienced team on the road ready to install and get you back up and running.

Trash Chutes
Turn-key high-rise chute and compaction systems.

We have service techs and shop facilities in
Chicago, Detroit, Muncie and St. Louis

Refurbished Waste Container
Refurbished Waste Container


24/7 Emergency Service

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Field Repair. Click on the link below to contact our on call specialists.


MCS offers in house and portable welding services on most steel surfaces. Our techs are trained on the latest fire prevention techniques to ensure your people and property are safe. Contact us for any of your welding needs.


We provide – timely, professional installation of all Equipment purchased thru MCS, or if you have sourced on your own. To get a free estimate on your specific project, contact us by clicking the link below.


From chute door hydraulics to pressure gauges, start/stop buttons and everything in between having a local partner who can not only get the parts, but had the experienced team on the road ready to install and get you back up and running.

Preventative Maintenance

In order to maintain the life of your equipment we recommend a regular Preventative Maintenance program. We have found that it is possible to double the life-expectancy of equipment with a routine, comprehensive PM program.

MCS will perform a 32-point PM which includes:

  • Full safety inspection including replacing
  • Damaged or missing OSHA/ANSI decals
  • Check hydraulic oil quality and cleanliness
  • Check all hoses and fittings for leaks or damage

MCS also offers monthly, quarterly or yearly maintenance plans that allow you to manage your compactor repair dollars more efficiently.

MCS Midwest is one of the nation's largest
mobile container repair and compactor service/installation companies

Trash Systems


MCS has new and used compactors available, all with Professional Installation to meet your schedule! If new isn't in the budget, we have remanufactured systems, onsite Repairs with 70 years of Industry Experience.

Compactors are Economical Solutions for Every Waste Stream

Compactors save money by limiting the number of dumps your hauler makes to keep your waste stream clear. To maximize the benefits of compaction you need to have a system that provides the most weight you can put into a compaction container. From Apartment Compactors to Transfer Stations our experienced consultants are able to help you with your waste handling and recycling systems to fit the most effective method of handling your trash, recyclables, or other special materials.

Waste Consulting is a Free Service

Our experts with over 70 years of Industry experience at MCS Midwest will assist customers in selecting the right equipment and configuring systems that best meet their needs. We use a simple analysis and experience in the industry along with your garbage bills to determine if a compactor will be your best option. There is no cost for this service. Compaction equipment will almost always save money, but if not, our sales team will let you know. They are committed to sustainable solutions to making sure that everything is taken care of, from start to finish and into the future.

Container Repair and Maintenance

MCS Midwest's specialty is servicing any type of container, from recycling cans to compactors, as well as shipping containers, VAC tanks, FRAC tanks and many other types of containers and equipment. MCS Midwest will provide a team of highly trained technicians with their own self-contained equipment to completely refurbish your containers at a designated centralized facility or satellite yard.

See how MCS Midwest can help you reduce Container Maintenance costs. Click here to view the flow chart.

For further details about our containers please feel free to contact us by phone or email at any time.

Odor control

Air Purification System

Don’t like the smell??? Find out how the power of Glacier Ozone can change the entire atmosphere around your trash system. Glacier Ozone is Revolutionizing Industrial Odor Management.


Our fabrication team at MCS can design and build an enclosure to suit your specific needs. Compaction enclosures are vital to keep your team and facility safe from the weather and outside influences.